What’s The Difference Between a Sunroof and a Moonroof?

What's The Difference Between a Sunroof and a Moonroof

When reading through the features of a car you are contemplating buying, it’s easy to get lost in the terminology used. For example, it can be confusing for several people to know the difference between four-wheel drive versus all-wheel drive. Another common difficulty is knowing the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof.

Good Fellow’s Auto Wholesalers is here as a good used car dealership to inform you of the difference between these two types of roofs, so when you are comparing features between our used vehicles, you can understand the terminology used.

Sunroof Vs. Moonroof

Now let’s dive into the meaning of each. A sunroof is commonly known as a roof that is panoramic and one that extends throughout the length of the cabin. Although, it’s important to note that this definition has changed throughout the years, the sunroof has always been made from a glass pane. Some sunroofs are able to open while some of them do not open.

A moonroof refers to a smaller window that is located on the top of a vehicle. This little window is smaller than the sunroof and only allows a small amount of light into the vehicle. The moonroof most often can be opened to help circulate the air that is in the car. It can also be slightly tilted open to allow some air to pass through.

Neither the sunroof or the moonroof are considered standard features on a car. If anything, they are considered an upgraded feature. When this feature is installed, it’s common to notice a loss of headroom from 2.5cm to 4.0cm.

What a Sunroof Used to Mean

Did you know that the first sunroofs to exist were made from opaque metal or canvas panels that actually had to be manually put on and taken off? How strange would that be!

There were flaws with this design, firstly for example, if it started to rain the inside of your car would get soaked while the driver had to run out and manually insert and slide the sunroof back in. The second major flaw with this design was that if the sunroof was left off, it became very easy for someone to steal the car. For people who valued security, this was not something they wanted to be installed in their vehicle.

How We Can Help

At Good Fellow’s Auto Wholesalers, our team strives to ensure you have the best used car buying experience. If you are getting caught up and confused in the terminology of the cars, our team would love to help clarify and show you exactly all the features of the car. For terminology help with our Toronto auto financing services, our team would be happy to explain any unclear wording to you here as well.

Our team is available during normal business hours so give us a call at  1 (855) 581-9590  to get more information.

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