The Differences between AWD and 4WD

The Differences between AWD and 4WD

With so many vehicle options on the market, it can be hard to choose which car will be right for your needs. One choice you will have to make is between all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Most potential car owners assume that they are the same, but they are actually quite different. Each option has its own unique advantages which will be beneficial for different types of drivers. Good Fellow’s Auto Wholesalers will go over the advantages of each so you can decide which option is best for your next vehicle purchase at our Used Car Dealership in Toronto.

All-Wheel Drive

All-wheel drive is often referred to as AWD in advertisements and on vehicle specification sheets. AWD is when a vehicle will use the rear, center, and front differentials at once. This is to ensure that engine torque is evenly distributed to each of the vehicle’s four wheels for perfect balance. This allows a vehicle to have a firmer grip when driving, especially when the road is wet or slippery. Most often AWD is used on regular cars and also on crossover vehicles that have a car-based frame. One advantage of AWD is that vehicles that use this system have a higher safety rating. Increased safety is mainly due to the higher level of control drivers are able to exert over slick roads.

Four-Wheel Drive

Four-wheel drive is often referred to as 4WD or 4×4 in advertisements and on vehicle specification sheets. 4WD is when a vehicle will use a transfer case and two differentials. This will allow for an even disbursement of engine torque over each of the vehicle’s wheels. Most often 4WD is used in SUVs, trucks, off-road vehicles, and truck-based SUVs. Most vehicles that offer all-terrain capabilities will be equipped with 4WD. This method allows for improved traction over rough terrain and can be toggled on or off as needed.

Should You Choose AWD or 4WD?

The type of system you need in your vehicle depends on the type of road or terrain you tend to drive on the most. If you live in an area that often has wet weather such as snow or rain, an all-wheel-drive vehicle is a safe option. If you are looking for a vehicle to use over rugged terrain, then you should consider investing in a four-wheel-drive vehicle. No matter which system you choose, keep in mind that they will add weight to the frame of the vehicle. It is important to always drive carefully in dangerous conditions especially when using systems that reduce the overall efficiency of a vehicle.

Smart Vehicle Purchases with Good Fellow’s

Buying a car can be exciting and it is important to choose a vehicle that offers the features you need at a price that fits within your budget. If you are interested in learning more about 4WD or AWD vehicles, Good Fellow’s Auto can help. Our Toronto Auto Financing experts are able to help you pick the right car to meet your needs. Give us a call at 1 (855) 581-9590 to find out more about our products and services.

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